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Our Conveyancing Costs

We aim to provide you with an accurate estimate of costs and disbursements at the outset of the transaction so that you can budget for these. To this end, we will provide a personalised written estimate to you and would ask that you contact us at property@sethilaw.co.uk and this can either be sent to you by e-mail or by post.

However, we set out below our range of costs in connection with the moving process for your guidance.


Our fees on freehold properties range between £750.00 and £2,000 plus VAT for properties up to £2 million.

We also make a charge of £30 plus Vat for each bank transfer that is made. This would be when a mortgage is required to be paid upon completion of sale or repaying any monies due to you or when sending money to the Seller’s conveyancers.

We will also make a charge of between £50 to £125 plus VAT to complete the Stamp Duty Tax return on your behalf on a purchase.

In addition to our fees there are standard disbursements that will be charged and these can include the following:

On Freehold sale

Land Registry Fees are usually between £6.00 and £12.00

On Freehold purchase



We have sourced a company which carries out the required searches for one fee, rather than pay each organisation separately. We have found that the majority of mortgage lenders find this acceptable and the ‘pack’ is between £182 to £250 depending on the area that you are purchasing in. We do always request the sum of £275 on account at the beginning of the transaction.

Land Registry Search


Land Charges search

£2.00 each person

Land Registry Fees for registration: The fee charged is dependent on the purchase price. The fee scale set by the Land Registry and you will be able to see the costs by clicking the link below:

Stamp Duty:

Stamp Duty Land Transaction is a property tax that is set by Government and it is dependent upon various factors such as price, whether you have ever owned a property before (known as first time buyer) or whether you will at completion own any other properties ( additional 3% levy).  

You can gather the amount of SDLT (Stamp Duty) that may be payable and the rates by clicking the links below:

SDLT calculator: https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/calculate-stamp-duty-land-tax/#/intro
SDLT rates: https://www.gov.uk/stamp-duty-land-tax/residential-property-rates


For Leasehold properties are fees range from £925 to £2,300 plus VAT for properties up to £2 million.

We also make a charge of £30 plus Vat for each bank transfer that is made. This could be when transferring monies to pay off the mortgage, sending money to the Seller’s Conveyancers or to you.

We will also make a charge of between £50 to £125 plus VAT to complete the Stamp Duty Tax return on your behalf on a purchase.

Again there are standard disbursements as above. In addition to the freehold disbursements you will also incur the following:

Leasehold Sale

The buyers will expect to receive a ‘management pack’ from the freeholder or managing agents. The charges vary and can be between £50 to £500 or even higher depending on whether 2 packs are required, one from the freeholder and one from the managing agents.

Leasehold Purchase

Upon completion of the purchase the Freeholder will require a notice to be served upon them. Again the costs will vary according to the Lease terms and the Freeholder. These can be as little as £10 and can be £300/£400 or higher, again depending on the Freeholder.

With the Leasehold additional disbursements we can inform you of the costs only once the we have received this information from the parties concerned.


We reserve the right to review the above fees if a matter becomes complicated. This would always be discussed with you in advance. Wherever possible, our conveyancing work is carried out on the basis of the estimate provided. Within this estimate we will include all conventional work associated with a typical conveyancing transaction. However, sometimes matters arise during the course of a transaction which are not normally part of the conveyancing process and for which we have to make an additional charge. Some items occur more often than others and for these items we have standard fees which are set out above. However please note that this list is not exhaustive and if your matter becomes complex in other areas it may be necessary to make additional charges depending on the circumstances. We set out below the more common types of additional charges that we may make:

Net £ VAT £ Gross £
Lost/Duplicate Share certificate in Freehold or Management Company 50.00 10.00 60.00
Execution of stock transfer form and new share certificate in Freehold Company 50.00 10.00 60.00
Statutory Declaration 125.00 25.00 150.00
Power of Attorney 175.00 35.00 210.00
For gifted deposits – per gifts 50.00 10.00 60.00
License to Assign 275.00 55.00 330.00
Purchasing/Selling share of Freehold 200.00 40.00 240.00
Deed of Covenant 175.00 35.00 210.00
Corresponding with mortgagee or solicitor holding off repossession £200.00 per hour plus VAT
Deed of Variation 275.00 55.00 330.00
Lease Extension 650.00 130.00 780.00
Removal of a registered caution/restriction 25.00 25.00 150.00
Dealing with third party mortgage company lawyers 400.00 80.00 480.00
Electronic transmission of money outside the UK 80.00 16.00 96.00
Cheque return unpaid or stopped 25.00 .00 30.00
Dealing with Third party lawyers 250.00 50.00 00.00
Approving, researching or arranging title repair/indemnity insurance policy 50.00 10.00 60.00
Separate parking space lease (additional land registry and landlord’s notice fee will apply) 150.00 30.00 180.00
Administration fee on retention whether held by us or the other solicitor 125.00 25.00 150.00
Fee added when monies are paid by credit/debit card 3.25%
Deed of Trust 275.00 55.00 330.00
Obtaining Landlord’s consent (including retrospective) to alterations to property 275.00 55.00 330.00
Expedited completions (less than 2 weeks between exchange and completion) 100.00 20.00 120.00

Family Law Fees

We have Rashmee (“Roz”), a Partner in this Firm, and Adiba, our Assistant Solicitor, helping Clients where they need advice and assistance with the range of Family Law that we undertake in this Office.

This covers:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • Financial arrangements on the breakdown of a relationship
  • Disputes over the care and welfare of children
  • Co-habitee disputes
  • Family related injunctions.

Our aim is to look after your interests in a sympathetic manner and to help achieve your aims by adopting a conciliatory approach with all the parties involved. Roz has trained as a Mediator and this influences the way that she and Adiba approach family law issues.

Roz and Adiba do not undertake Legal Aid/Public Funding work for Clients and their charges vary as our fees are based on the time that is spent on the work. Rashmee’s hourly rate £305.00 plus VAT: Adiba’s hourly rate is £265.00 plus VAT.

Our charges apply to all the work done on your case including time spent on the telephone, reading incoming post, dictating outgoing letters, preparing file notes of meetings, considering and drafting documents, preparing instructions and briefs to barristers, researching law where necessary, attending meetings with barristers, attending at Court, meetings with you, meetings with the lawyers acting for the other person in your case or other people connected with the case, taking statements from witnesses and so on.

As well as the charges made by this firm, incidental expenses such as the fees of any barristers or experts and Court fees will be added to the bill.

We offer a “one-off” 15 minutes free advice service on family law issues as this may help you decide on what you can do. It may also be possible then to provide you with an estimate of our charges for assisting you in that work.

Some of our work attracts certain fees:

  1. if we act for you where the divorce/dissolution is uncontested and you are the Applicant, we expect our charge to be £850.00 plus VAT plus the Court fee, fixed by Government at £550.00.

  2. in some cases, you and the other party in proceedings may have reached an agreement (where we have not acted for you in reaching that agreement) and you want us to help with getting that made into a Court Order, our charges will be between £650.00 and £800.00 plus VAT plus the Court Fee fixed by Government of £50.00


Probate is usually required when a person passes away and the deceased person's assets and liabilities have to be dealt with. Our guide to costs below applies where there is no dispute between any parties or a dispute or claim against the estate of the deceased or the assets within the Estate of the deceased. The guide to costs does not take into account the sale or transfer of any property within the Estate.

Our charges for Probate vary due to the individual circumstances of each Estate, and our fees are charged on an hourly basis at the current rate of £305 per hour plus VAT.

Probate can be divided into two parts:

  1. Pre-Grant: Work that is carried up to and including getting the grant of probate, which entails getting information about the composition of the Estate the value of the assets and liabilities and the beneficiaries of that Estate. In many cases that we deal with, the range of costs is:

    (a) for a simple Estate, where there are a few assets and a couple of beneficiaries and the estate will not have to pay inheritance tax, we would estimate our charges at £950 plus VAT which would include preparing and submitting the Inheritance Tax forms to the Revenue

    (b) for more complicated Estates, where there are several beneficiaries, various assets of different composition, some of which may be of high value and inheritance tax is payable, we would estimate our charges at £3,500 plus VAT which would include preparing and submitting the Inheritance Tax forms to the Revenue

  1. Post-Grant: Work where the assets are collected, sold if necessary, distributing money or assets to beneficiaries, paying liabilities, finalising the Estate Account, tax returns are made and tax paid:

    (a) for a simple Estate such as the one mentioned above, the charge is likely to be £1800 plus VAT

    (b) for the more complicated Estates such as the one mentioned above, the charges are likely to be £3500 plus VAT

    In addition to our fees, there are certain third party payments (disbursements) which are likely to be incurred and most usually they include the following:

    1. Placing notices in newspapers and the London Gazette. The cost of this disbursement is dependent of the charge of the provider of the advertisement.

2. Court fees. Currently fixed by Government at £155.00 plus £5.00 for each copy of the Grant.

3. Valuation fees for valuing property and other assets. The cost varies and will be notified to you in advance of being incurred

4. Where Inheritance Tax or any other taxes are payable by the Estate we may instruct an Accountant to prepare tax returns and the fees of the accountants will vary between £400 and £800 plus VAT.

Sometimes, further disbursements may have to be incurred which cannot be anticipated at the outset and should this be the case then you will be advised before such a charge is incurred. Please remember that where Inheritance Tax or other taxes are payable, these are payable in addition to the costs and disbursements. The amount of the Inheritance Tax or other taxes payable by the Estate has to be calculated depending on the nature of the assets and the value. The amount payable will be notified to you when known.

In the case of a simple Estate, it is reasonable to say that the affairs of the Estate will be completed in 8 to 10 months, but for the more complicated Estates, it can take longer, especially when beneficiaries have to be traced or assets such as properties have to be sold or where trusts have to be set up. In such cases, we would suggest a period of 12 to 18 months.


Everyone should make a Will. Your Will can set out who is going to manage your property and financial affairs and who gets what of your assets once you have passed away.

For most couples, a Will will usually provide for the surviving partner to inherit everything and then to your children or other people.

In some cases, the Will have to cover a situation where there may be children of a previous relationship and they have to be provided for as well as the current Partner’s need. This may require a more complicated Will giving the remaining partner the right to live in the house for his/her life.

A trust may be needed in a Will to look after the needs of minor children and appointing a guardian to look after those children. Thought has to be given as to who it should be the Guardian(s) and the trustees looking after the trust assets for the minor children.

These are the more common examples of what a Will may have to cover.

Our charges depend on the nature of the very different needs in a Will. Discussions and advice needs to be given. Wills have to be drafted and signed. The time spent will govern our charges. It may assist you to know that our charge for:

  1. a simple straight-forward Will dealing with a married couple or a couple in a civil partnership’s Will leaving everything to each other and then to their adult children would be £195.00 plus VAT a Will; £350.00 plus VAT if it’s a “Mirror” Will as opposed to a “Mutual” Will

  2. a Will for a couple where there is a right for the surviving Partner to live in the home for life and a gift after that of the assets to adult children would be £395 plus VAT a Will; £600.00 plus VAT if it’s a “Mirror” Will as opposed to a “Mutual” Will

  3. a Will for a non-cohabiting individual who has not been previously married or in a civil partnership with no children whose Will leaves an uncomplicated Estate that is not subject to Inheritance Tax would cost £195.00 plus VAT

  4. a Will having several beneficiaries including minor children and where there are several assets such two homes, several bank and building society accounts where there is a trust for the surviving Partner to have a right to live in the home for life will attract a charge of £850 plus VAT a Will; £1,500 plus VAT for a “Mirror” Will as opposed to a “Mutual” Will.

Our charges would not cover advice on Inheritance Tax or the creation of trusts.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to appoint someone else to manage your affairs while you are alive but unable to manage your affairs yourself. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • Manage your financial and property affairs (Financial Decisions LPA) and/or
  • Manage your personal welfare needs (Help and Care LPA)

Making either one or both of the LPA’s should be part of your planning for the future. Your Will deals with your affairs after you have passed away; similarly, LPA’s deal with your affairs during your life-time.

Your Attorney or Attorneys can be anybody over 18 years of age who has mental capacity and is not excluded by the regulations from being an Attorney. Most people will appoint family members. That is probably the best starting point. You can have more than one Attorney and you can even decide what role they play by reference to the LPA.

Making an LPA is not complicated but it does require you to think beforehand about what kind of LPA you want and what its powers are going to be and who your Attorney(s) are to be. We are here to help you focus on the issues that you need to think about in relation to LPA’s.

Our charge is £450 plus VAT for each Power of Attorney that you make and it includes discussing and agreeing what the Power should be, preparing the LPA and then assisting you in completing the document. Our charge also includes sending the Power to the Court of Protection for registration. The Court fee is fixed by Government and it is £82.00 for each Power that you wish to register.

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